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Woman Says She Couldn't Get Into Sixers Game Due to Outfit

“They stopped us and said I couldn’t even go past the metal detectors and I couldn’t wear what I’m wearing."

A Philadelphia woman is demanding an apology after she claims she was turned away from a 76ers game at the Wells Fargo Center Thursday because of her outfit. 

Shaliah Rismay told NBC10 she was wearing stockings, a leotard, and a leather jacket to last week’s Sixers game against the Chicago Bulls. When she arrived however, she said she was stopped by security. 

“They stopped us and said I couldn’t even go past the metal detectors and I couldn’t wear what I’m wearing," Rismay said. 

Rismay was with Philly photographer and marketing guru Big Rube at the time. He said he made it through security and recorded security officials as they spoke with Rismay. 

"What happened here was straight discrimination," he said. "That was utterly embarrassing to have 15 men surround her so nobody else could see her. This happened at the tip off. We didn’t get in the game at half time."

A spokesperson for the 76ers told NBC10 the organization doesn’t have a dress code and that they didn’t find out about the incident until Monday. 

"It was Sixers officials there as well so they’re culpable,” Big Rube said. “It’s not just Wells Fargo Center."

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Rismay said she was eventually let inside after Big Rube purchased a hoodie for her to wear and cover up. Rube said her attire was no different from what the Sixers cheerleaders wear every single game. 

“The same thing, a leotard and some pantyhose,” Big Rube said. “What’s the problem? If a celebrity can do it, if the Sixers dancers can do it, why not just the regular fan?”

Big Rube said an apology isn’t enough and he’s getting his lawyers involved.

A spokesperson for the Wells Fargo Center released a statement on the incident.

"The Wells Fargo Center does not have an official dress code, but reserves the right to make decisions regarding access to the facility on a case-by-case basis," the spokesperson wrote.

"These decisions relate to the safety and comfort of our guests, as well as to messages, signs or clothing that are obscene or indecent. In this instance, our event staff acted respectfully considering Ms. Rismay’s attire, and handled the situation appropriately while being observed by NBA Security and a member of the City of Philadelphia police force."

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