Nothing Off Table for Bryan Colangelo, Sixers During Draft

CHICAGO -- As the Sixers build the team in a new direction, no player is untradeable. The same goes for draft picks.

The Sixers could land as many as four first-round picks next month. They have a 26.9 percent chance at getting number one, mathematically cannot fall lower than fourth, and could acquire the Lakers' pick if it drops below third. Picks 24 and 26 already are solidified.

Since the Sixers have to change the course of the roster that finished 10-72 last season, they are not ruling moving their top picks to do so.

"I think that we have to say everything's on the table," president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo said Friday at the draft combine, his first with the Sixers. "We're just not good enough right now as a team to hold anything back."

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The 2016 draft order will be revealed next Tuesday at the lottery. Then the Sixers can begin weighing their options and getting a sense of interest around the market. Other teams already know the pieces on the roster, including the abundance of bigs, and the addition of a pick (or picks) could attract those eyeing an incoming rookie.

"With so much flexibility we're a team that everybody wants to talk to because we've got good, young, developing pieces, we've got draft picks, and those assets are equal value," Colangelo said. "And value and options and alternatives equal conversation and sometimes stimulates that activity."

But even if the Sixers receiving enticing offers, they are not going to rush into a move just do make one. Colangelo wants to take a step-by-step approach to revamping this team and would rather wait than jump on a trade that will not bolster them to where they want to get. There is a big difference between coming a playoff team that sneaks in at the eighth spot and becoming a contender.

"We need to make sure that any decision that's made, whether it's existing players being traded or any picks that are being traded or thought to be traded, we need to do it in a proven and pragmatic way," Colangelo said. "We want to build this thing the right way.

"We've talked about not racing out to the middle and getting stuck. We've talked about taking incremental steps and that theme is going to be consistent throughout this whole process. It's not just this week and the next few weeks leading up to the draft, it's going to be over several years that we're going to be taking these steps. Now if the right opportunity comes along that we can utilize that flexibility that we want to maintain and that situation intact, I think that we will contemplate if the right situation comes forward."

Colangelo and the Sixers will continue their interview process this weekend and begin workouts next week. As they meet with prospects, they are only a few days away from finding out who they can target, and possibly what assets they could trade.

"It's a big day on Tuesday," Colangelo said. "We're going to know where we are. No matter how it comes out, we're at least going to know where we stand and what we have to play with respect to building this team."

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