Larry Brown: ‘Whoever Is Saying' Ben Simmons Should Play PG Is ‘moron'

Former Sixers coach Larry Brown knows a thing or two about point guards.

After all, he did coach Allen Iverson. 

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Speaking of The Answer, the Sixers are hoping Ben Simmons is the solution to their question mark at the point guard position. 

After missing his rookie season with a Jones fracture in his right foot, the Sixers will try the 6-foot-10 Simmons at point guard in 2017-18. 

Brown believes that wold be a mistake. 

"He's not a point guard," Brown said Monday on 97.5 The Fantatic's Midday Show. "Everybody that's saying that is ridiculous. 

"I watched that kid at Montverde. He's a point guard when he gets the ball in the half court. He's a point guard if he gets the ball off the board because he's such a willing passer and so good with the ball, but if he's going to have to back it down and bring the ball up against little guys, it's going to take away from what he's capable of doing. Whoever is saying that is a moron."

That's not to say Brown doesn't believe Simmons won't be a good player. Simmons' frame would be better utilized elsewhere, Brown says.

"He's a point guard in transition," Brown said. "He's a point guard when he gets the ball off the board. But he's not a point guard running ball screens. He's not a point guard bringing the ball up. It's not fair to him. He's a great passer. He's a willing passer. 

"It's never fair to compare players, but he's a little like Magic in terms of his size and his ability to pass the ball, but I think he can play on any team and be successful. Look at the big kid in Milwaukee - the Greek Freak (Giannis Antetokounmpo) - look at Paul George to an extent, (Kevin) Durant to an extent. That's more like Ben and the way he plays. It's not like a true point guard bringing the ball up like Kyrie Irving or Chris Paul or somebody like that."

So if not Simmons at the point, then who?

How about Lonzo Ball? 

The Lakers are reportedly souring on selecting Ball No. 2 overall in part because of his outspoken and prying father, LaVar. But Brown isn't worried about the extra baggage.

"That surprises me. … The kid's a great player and a great kid," Brown said. "I think that would be a shame (if someone didn't pick him because of his LaVar). If you read all the comments from the UCLA people and the players and Coach (Steve) Alford - they all had great things to say about the kid, that his father wasn't an issue at all. So I would hope that based on his talent he gets picked where he should."

The Sixers are "certainly" hoping to meet with Ball before the draft (see story), and if the Lakers were to pass on Ball, it would be hard for the Sixers to pass on his talent (see The Case For Drafting Ball).

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