Joel Embiid Celebrates Sixers Lottery Win With Shirley Temples

By winning the NBA draft lottery and the top overall pick in 2016, some would say the Sixers' vaunted "process" has finally come to fruition. All that's left to do now is celebrate -- and Joel Embiid has just the thing to kick this party up a notch.

Who's thirsty?

He's got jokes.

Embiid is of course referencing an odd report from October of last year that alleged the Sixers big man was in the habit of consuming the non-alcoholic mixed drink by the pitcher. Then again, he is known to enjoy Shirley Temples, so maybe he wasn't kidding?

It wasn't all fun and games on the always entertaining Embiid Twitter account. The 2014 first-round pick also said this year's number one is about to have company on the court, and expressed hope that this is the last time the Sixers are in the lottery for awhile.

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That might be a little optimistic, but this is certainly the occasion for it. Now let's just hope they don't screw this up.

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