Jerry Colangelo Says Role in Sixers' Front Office Hasn't Changed

CHICAGO -- For all the roles that have changed in the Sixers' front office, Jerry Colangelo says his has not been altered, regardless of how it may seem on the surface.

The Sixers hired him as chairman of basketball operations and special advisor in December. When Sam Hinkie suddenly resigned from general manager and president of basketball operations last week, Jerry Colangelo's son Bryan Colangelo was identified as the replacement almost immediately.

Upon Bryan Colangelo's introduction as president of basketball operations on Sunday, the Sixers announced Jerry Colangelo had recused his role as chairman of basketball ops, remaining as a special advisor to managing general partner Josh Harris.

"My role is still the same that I was originally asked to come in and do, so I'm OK with all of that," he said before the Sixers' season finale against the Chicago Bulls at the United Center. "But the translation, it just sounded differently. Especially the stepping down kind of a thing. Step down? I'm still walking on the same level, doing the same thing."

The significance of the roles and the timing of the front office changes led to speculation of nepotism. Jerry Colangelo says the official job title created a false perception of the power structure.

"There's a little bit of a misconception on part of this," Jerry Colangelo said. "I was hired to be an advisor and a mentor. There seemed to be a reason to give me some kind of a title when I was announced, which chairman of basketball operations signifies a lot more than the intention ever was."

Jerry Colangelo emphasized he had removed himself from the selection process weeks before the hiring once the two choices came down to Bryan Colangelo and Danny Ferry. He isn't sorry for outcome.

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"Now it's true, the optics look different," Jerry Colangelo said. "But I know the truth and I know the facts. So I don't have to apologize for anything."

Jerry Colangelo wants to move forward with the Sixers as they head into the offseason. Still based in Phoenix, he will remain involved as the team goes through the draft process, free agency and building their roster for next season.

"I'm going to consult, I'm going to mentor and I'm going to be around to give as much input as required or asked," he said. "Because I want nothing but the best for the Philadelphia 76ers."

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