Embiid Shows Off Soccer Skills, Says He'd Make the Best Pro Soccer Player in NBA

Joel Embiid is overseas to attend a soccer exhibition in Wales ahead of the Champions League final tomorrow.  Note: ATTEND. Not play.

There was a bit of a buzz yesterday when the Internet learned of Embiid traveling to the soccer match. How could a guy with any sort of injury ever play in a soccer game? Fret not, he's just there in support.

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As we reported yesterday, "the friendly match will be played on a floating pitch on Cardiff Bay, the day before the UEFA Champions League final game between Real Madrid and Juventus."

A foreign reporter, G. Gabriel Garduño, caught up with Embiid and actually asked him a few questions about his futbol fandom. Jojo was seen kicking the ball around gingerly but definitely showed off some juggling skills.

Joel says he would be a striker on the pitch as he was growing up and adds that he'd make the best professional futbol star out of all of the players in the NBA.

"I played futbol my whole life so [I play] whenever I get the chance. I got some skills," Embiid said.

Let's hope none of this turns into another Meek Mill episode.

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