Down With the Sixers Bandwagon!

The Sixers drafted Markelle Fultz Thursday night. They have a big three, and possibly even a Big Four or Big Five, of players who are young and have tremendous upside. The Sixers have even sold the most season tickets of any team in the NBA, and are expected to sell out for the entire season. "The Process" is over and so, it appears, is the losing. 

So you think I'd be happy, right? 

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I'm not. 

And that's because the bandwagon is here. Not only are bandwagon fans who haven't been here all this time going to annoy us for the next several years, but the ones who aren't real fans are buying up all the tickets and pricing the little guy out. We're a blue collar town! With blue-collar season ticket holders! Hey Josh Harris -- how about leaving some seats for the real fans? 

And, bandwagon or not, I guess those people will all get their money back when Embiid gets injured again, or when the whole Big Four is on a minutes restriction, right? Have you forgotten all the horrible things Scott O'Neil did to us? 

Then there's the team itself. I may have never seen any of his college games or the pre-draft workout, but I'm not sold on Fultz. Embiid can't stay on the floor. Yes, Dario came over, but what if he decides to go back? And have you forgotten about Ben Simmons and his Character Concerns? And wait until the World's Worst Medical Staff gets ahold of these guys? 

And besides, I really wanted Malik Monk. 

And that's not all. Anžejs Pasečņiks is NEVER coming over. I've never heard of any of the guys they took in the second round. They failed to draft anyone from Villanova, or my guy from Gonzaga, Przemek Karnowski. "FEDS" is a stupid nickname. And worst of all, Jahlil Okafor is still on the team. 

This might be an exciting time. The Sixers might even become a contender. But was losing for all that time worth it? I'm not so sure it was. 

And speaking of losing, let's talk about the Phillies. Ruben Amaro coming back to town last week really crystalized how far we've fallen, and how much worse a GM Matt Klentak is. Say what you will about the way Ruben pissed away a potential dynasty, but at least he didn't leave a stud second baseman in Double-A. 

Losing 8-1 in 11 innings. Blowing a 5-0 lead. Odubel running through a stop sign and getting thrown out. And to think, all of this could've have been avoided if only we'd traded for Mike Trout back in April. Get on it, Matt! 

Other Philly Sports Takes: 

- Anyone giving Sam Hinkie credit for the Fultz trade is absolutely delusional. Hinkie was about losing, while the trade was about winning. 

- We're trashing Mike Schmidt because he talked about Odubel Herrera speaking Spanish? Please. I miss the good old days, when we trashed Schmidt for surliness, and not being clutch. If Odubel doesn't want a racially coded tirade from Schmidt, maybe he should run hard to first base and not flip his bat. 

- How about that Andy Reid, getting a new extension in Kansas City and throwing his own GM overboard the same day? Andy's skills at cold-blooded backstabbing were always underrated around here. 

- And finally, Fletcher Cox did the worst thing a Philadelphia athlete can do: He skipped voluntary OTAs. What would Buddy say? 

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