Does Joel Embiid Have the IQ of a Squirrel?

We know Joel Embiid trusts the process. But we don't know how smart the Sixers' star might actually be.

Embiid appeared alongside Hall of Famers Karl Malone, Magic Johnson and Clyde Frazier, as well as a number of current NBA players in Jimmy Kimmel's latest Mean Tweets segment Thursday night prior to the opening game of the NBA Finals. When it was The Process' turn, he went back to a post from just after he was drafted by the Sixers in June 2014. 

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According to a 2015 study from Central Connecticut State University, squirrels are one of the world's most deceptive and cunning creatures as they "use a number of tricks to confuse the competition in their lifelong pursuit of nut hoarding."

So will Embiid be taking an IQ test anytime soon? Doubtful - but if he's anything like his furry four-legged friend, let's hope he's hoarding plenty of wins for the Sixers next season.

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