Bryan Colangelo Kills The Process, Big Three Defintely Coming to Philly

General manager Bryan Colangelo went on SiriusXM Bleacher Report Radio's NBA Sunday Tip on Sunday, and offered some insight into the team's new direction now that he is at the helm. Avert your eyes, Sam Hinkie.

“Everybody is thinking about winning, as opposed to prolonging the rebuilding process," Colangelo said. "We’re really moving from that rebuilding and stripping down to a building process. We’re going to do things that put us in a position to win basketball games more so than collect future assets.”

With that, Colangelo put the final nail in The Process. Three years of dreadful basketball, if you can call it that, are finally over.

But putting together a winning team is not an overnight process, no pun intended.

With the first pick in the upcoming draft, the Sixers have the opportunity to start building a winning team.

"We're going to pick a player that we think is the best fit for our team and the best piece for us to build around," Colangelo said. "I'm pretty certain that [Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram]...see this as a pretty good situation to start their NBA career."

With the top pick and other young pieces in place, the Sixers' roster may not look so bad. Especially with the possibilty of Joel Embiid suiting up for the Sixers next season — something that Colangelo is very excited about. 

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"The big unknown with this organization is [Embiid], who has not played an NBA game," Colangelo said. "He certainly has the skill level, the size, the talent to potentially become a star."

Another way to quickly turn the team around is free agency. Colangelo recognizes the Sixers have the money to lure top free agents to Philadelphia, but in order to get them, the Sixers must prove themselves first. 

"I don’t know we’ve got the story to sell one of the key free agents this year in terms of what we want to do. But another year of taking a step forward…I think we’ll have a compelling story to sell to not just one free agent but possibly two and maybe even three — to say ‘Do you want to come in a double-max situation? Or a triple-max situation?’"

Would Colangelo consider pulling a 2010 Heat and signing a Big Three?

"Look at what Miami did when they planned for the Big Three to come there," he said.

That's right, Sixers' fans. A new Big Three is possbily (definetly) coming to Philadlephia. Get your season tickets now. Start camping out on Broad Street. Name your children Bryan. Winning is back in Philadelphia. 

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