Allen Iverson Unveils His First Sock Collection Collab With Stance

Last fall Stance socks unveiled a pretty fantastic design with a likeness of Philadelphia 76ers legend Allen Iverson on the actual sock. They were pretty dope and I openly pandered to people on Twitter to send me a pair for Christmas.

Stance took things a step further today and unveiled Iverson's first sock collection that A.I. helped design himself. The 5 featured sock designs "reflect, in whole, different known and unknown facets that make up the Hall-of-Fame elects personal style."

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From the press release:

The headlining crew design, "Winning Taste," is an ode to champagne, which Iverson most notably popped after leading his team to the 2001 NBA Finals. Another basketball-related style is called "Phillie." This sock, between its American theme, Liberty Bell, No. 3, and golden highlights, reflects on the unforgettable years that Iverson played in Philadelphia. 

On a more personal note, "Aces" celebrates Iverson's talent at games, most notably cards. Meanwhile, "Money Bagz" brings to life a famed tattoo that has lived on Iverson's left hand for years. Likewise, "Survival," which comes in a super invisible height per Iverson's personal style, is inscribed with some of the most iconic ink in all of sports.

Personally, I'm a fan of Stance's short sock that you can't actually see when wearing. They're perfect for the Philly summer when it's 97 degrees out but you still want to look fresh.

The Allen Iverson x Stance collection is available now online at or if you're in Philly you can hit up Ubiq for the new designs.

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