#TheProcessLovesTheKids: Embiid Hangs Out With Fly Ball Shaggers After Home Run Derby

We all had a good laugh about Joel Embiid having so much fun in the outfield seats of the home run derby down in Miami last night -- did you see how tiny a baseball looks in his gigantic hands omg! -- but after the game he actually made a group of children's day. Which is great, because Embiid is basically a big kid himself.

                         [Joel Embiid works the outfield at home run derby, gets balls]

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Embiid spent some time with the kids in the outfield who were shagging fly balls that didn't make it to be home runs. He even posed for a photo with them which is about as good as it gets. They're likely Process trusters now.

And of course JoJo tweeted about hanging with them after the game, adding a perfect hashtag: #TheProcessLovesTheKids.

Ain't that right, Markelle?

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