Sixers Unleash “World's Largest” T-Shirt Gun

Keep your eyes on the court during 76ers home games with this thing waiting to shoot dozens of T-shirts your way

Be afraid, be very afraid.

The Sixers will be using "Big Bella" to shoot T-shirts into the crowd at the Wells Fargo Center.

Well, not really, but in the spirit of Halloween it seems the Sixers have unveiled something terrifying: “The world’s largest T-Shirt launcher.”

Seriously, take a look at this thing. It looks kind of like that gun they used to shoot projectiles at competitors in the old American Gladiators. This time instead of tennis balls this gun shoots clothing.

The Sixers unveiled the 10-foot, 600-pound souvenir shooter called “Big Bella” on their Twitter feed in the hours leading up to Wednesday’s season opener.

So what can fans expect from Big Bella? Try “100 tees in just 60 seconds!”

As for the actual players, the Sixers beat Denver 84-75 behind 16 points, 12 boards, five blocks and two steals from center Spencer Hawes.

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