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Sixers Fan Makes Half-Court Shot, Wins Season Tickets During Game

The return of Joel Embiid may have been the game's most anticipated moment, this was certainly the most surprising one.

Although the 76ers celebrated a 106 to 89 victory against the Indiana Pacers, they were not the only ones who had an on-the-court win Sunday. 

Arguably, the most memorable shot of the game was taken by Sixers fan and high school treacher Mark Naimoli. 

During halftime, Naimoli successfully made a basket from half-court in exchange for free season tickets for the 2019-2020 season.

The crowd went wild as Naimoli launched a picture-perfect shot into the net and ran around the court celebrating like a pro. 

A longtime Sixers fan, Naimoli has been buying season tickets for years. But this time he earned his tickets and the respect of his fellow fans.

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