Sixers Speak on Fight Between Mike Scott and Eagles Fans During Season Opener

A team spokesman told NBC10 the Sixers have discussed the fight with Scott and are reviewing the matter

As theories and speculation continue regarding what sparked a fight between Philadelphia 76ers player Mike Scott and Eagles fans before the season opener Sunday, the Sixers are speaking out.

A team spokesman told NBC10 the Sixers have discussed the fight with Scott and are reviewing the matter. The spokesman also said Scott was accompanied by a member of the 76ers security staff at the time of the incident which is team protocol for players attending public events in the city.

"Still, the team is using this situation to review its policies and protocol to best ensure the safety of its players," the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson also told NBC10 the 76ers believed it was unfair to use the incident as an overall representation of the Philadelphia sports fanbase.

β€œThis was an unfortunate and isolated incident, and it is no way representative of the Philadelphia fanbase as a whole," the spokesperson said. "This city has incredible fans and we appreciate their passion and support.”

Scott, who grew up in Virginia and is a longtime Washington Redskins fan, first shared a photo of himself wearing a Redskins jersey prior to Sunday's Eagles game at Lincoln Financial Field.

After Scott arrived at the stadium, rumors of an altercation with an Eagles fan started to appear on Twitter and throughout tailgates around the Linc. Videos later surfaced on social media showing Scott fighting the fans.

A man who witnessed the fight and posted video of it told NBC10 drunk fans were heckling Scott prior to the altercation. The man's video also showed a Redskins shirt draped over a coffin in the background.

The video led to speculation that the shirt was a jersey of the late Redskins player Sean Taylor who was shot and killed during a home invasion in 2007. This turned out to be false however. The shirt was actually a Redskins t-shirt with the words "I Wanna Party Like It's 1991" on it. NBC10 cameras had recorded the shirt over the coffin during an interview with Eagles fans early Sunday morning.

A photo of the shirt. See full-sized photo here.

"We have a special funeral planned today with incense, holy water, holy communion and everything," one of the fans told NBC10. "We are playing the Redskins but it's a Cowboys casket and we passionately hate the Cowboys."

Since joining the 76ers, Scott has been a fan favorite for his willingness to regularly engage with people on social media.

Scott has not yet publicly commented on the fight. After the incident, he continued sharing photos of himself at the game.

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