Asking Price for Samuel Pair of 2nd Round Picks: Report

Within the Dream Team that the Eagles have assembled for the upcoming season (though they dislike that moniker, so let us call them the Fantasy Conglomeration), there is a SECOND dream group: the defensive backfield. It's like the Eagles are the Russian nesting doll of dreamy teammate combinations. Anyway, you know by now that the Eagles have Pro Bowlers Asante Samuel, Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie in the backfield. And if you think that perhaps that kind of depth is a luxury that has better use a trade bait, well Mike Silver of Yahoo reports that the Eagles have considered it, if only for a brief moment.

Though (GM Howie) Roseman has since shopped Samuel to potential suitors -- a source said he was asking for a pair of second-round picks in return -- the GM said Monday he was comfortable keeping all three high-profile corners on the roster in 2011.

Roseman's strategy here is obvious. He didn't really want to trade Samuel, unless someone was willing to offer him a bounty that high. And while Samuel has his share of gaudy interception totals from the past two seasons, he's still a guy who will often abandon proper coverage to jump on a route. No one's gonna pay that much for him. And the Eagles probably know that. They've done everything in their power to build a team ready to win it all NOW, so keeping Samuel makes a whole lot more sense than trading him away just because you can.

Furthermore, the presence of Asomugha will make Samuel a much better player. Nnamdi will seal off half the field, and that means that tons of balls will be forced Samuel's way. Don't be surprised if he gets double-digit picks by the time the year is over.

I'm sure Roseman has considered this as well, which is why he's set the price for Samuel so high. Samuel isn't going anywhere, and this little Dream Team within a Dream Team is going to be a sight to see when September arrives.

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