Video Shows Security Guard Putting Panthers Fan in Chokehold During Cowboys Game

Investigators are looking into claims that a Carolina Panthers fan at the Dallas Cowboys’ Thanksgiving Day football game was manhandled by security guards in an incident that was caught on camera, Arlington police said Tuesday.

Two cell phone videos posted on YouTube show what appears to be a stadium security guard placing Panthers fan John Small in a chokehold while trying to remove him from a seating area.

The video also shows several fans around the incident trying to pull the guard off of Small.

It appears Small eventually frees himself from the guard. He is then escorted from the area by two guards. Small's mother confirmed his identity to NBC DFW.

At this time, it is not clear why the incident occurred, although Small posted the following explanation to his Facebook page:

John Small via Facebook

A spokesperson for the Cowboys declined to comment.

Police are in the process of completing their report. Further details have not been released.

Carolina Panthers fan John Small tells NBC 5 he remembers not being able to breathe while in a chokehold that was captured on video inside AT&T Stadium during the Panthers’ game against the Dallas Cowboys.
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