Sandusky's House, Next to Playground, Vandalized

Cinder blocks crash through a window in Jerry Sandusky’s house, which happens to be next to an elementary school and playground

Someone threw two cinder blocks through a bedroom window in Jerry Sandusky’s house Thursday night, State College Police say.

But perhaps more shocking, is the fact that the accused child rapist lives next to an elementary school and playground, as first reported by Fox 29.

State College Police told NBC Philadelphia that no one was hurt at the house of the former Penn State football coach who has been accused of raping young boys for more than a decade.

Police say they don’t know who committed the vandalism and would not comment on whether anyone was in the Sandusky house during the 10:21 p.m. cinder-block throwing Thursday.

Sandusky is the target of a grand jury investigation in which he's accused of sexually abusing at least nine boys, all of whom participated in a children’s charity he founded called the Second Mile.

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