Rev Up Your Engine for March Madness

Let the road rage begin

As if your work, family, buddies from college, buddies from softball, buddies from World of Warcraft, Facebook and Twitter NCAA college basketball brackets aren't enough, there's a new bracket contender in town.

Consumer Reports.

Yeah that's right Consumer Reports is breaking up monotony of your 500 brackets with the Moto Madness Drivers' Choice Challenge.

Forget Duke, Ohio State, Pittsburgh and Kansas we're talking real American muscle. We're talking cars.

The process is the same because this is just like your good ol' fashioned bracket, set up round by round.

Corvette or Mustang? Smart Car or Prius?

Each round lasts a certain time period and the winners with the most votes after the voting time closes cruise to the next round. The cars keep switching lanes until the Grand Champ is named.

Oh yeah, the best part is that unlike your NCAA bracket you can jump in on this bad boy during any round as long as it's still open for voting.

Whether you're a car expert or just want to see America come out on top, floor it on over to Moto Madness and let the road rage begin.

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