Report: Eagles Fire Employee Over Facebook Vent

The Eagles are a multi-million dollar enterprise that might be spending too much time on Facebook. The Eagles recently fired one of their own for what he wrote on his Facebook about Brian Dawkins leaving Philly, according to an article by the Inquirer's John Gonzalez.

Dan Leone, 32, was a game-day employee of the Eagles since the Linc opened in 2003. His responsibilities included keeping an eye on one of the gates at Birds' home games.

His work ethic never seemed to be questioned -- the same can't be said for his online practices, he told the Inqy. was the undoing of Leone, he said.

So what did Leone write on Facebook? He posted "Dan is [expletive] devastated about Dawkins signing with Denver... Dam Eagles R Retarted!!" to his Facebook page, according to the Inqy.

Someone with the Birds must have a lot of free time -- they sure aren't spending much time actually making signings this off-season. The organization found out about the posting and a supervisor reportedly contacted Leone to discuss the matter.

Leone realized his wrong and apologized, he told the Inqy's Gonzo.

Two days after his apology he was called by another supervisor who fired him over the phone, Leone said. Leone was told that he made the team look bad and can't be trusted, according to the Inquirer article.

"I apologized 20 million times. I never bad-mouthed the organization before. I made one mistake and they terminate me? And they couldn't even bring me into the office to talk to me? They had to do it over the phone? At least look me in the eye," Leone said.

All the Birds told the Inqy was that Leone wasn't a full-time employee. What that means is up to interpretation.

The Eagles don't talk about employment issues out of respect to current and former employees, a team representative told NBC Philadelphia on Monday afternoon.

Leone would rather not be a former employee. He isn't bitter over the firing he would just love to get his job back, he said.

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