Relax, DeSean Has to Play Hard

People thought DeSean Jackson wouldn't give everything he had because he didn't have a contract. I think people are getting too caught up in the whole contract question.

Relax! The guy's gonna play hard. He knows he has to. Whatever money he ends up making depends on it. If he's gonna end up with a good contract with the Eagles or become a free agent, either way, you can't have things on tape that don't show you doing your best. There's always a jury and that jury is the tape.

Will the Eagles pay DeSean? Everybody wants him to get paid, but they don't understand the dynamics. I love the answer, "Give him whatever he wants!" Oh really? It doesn't work that way. Go ahead, try it out on your boss.

Listen, it's not that the Eagles don't want to pay DeSean. Obviously they're not close on the money. They have until the eighth week of the season to get a contract done, but I think it's just as likely that they'll go to the end of the season and it'll have to be done after the season. It's not because he's not good at what he does. It's unfortunate that it's more about business than sports.

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