Reid Into It What You Want

Eagles Coach Andy Reid finally talks to the press

Eagles Head Coach Andy Reid finally broke his silence about everything Eagles from Donovan McNabb to Brian Dawkins in a radio interview that was both surprising and typical.

"We're going to run every down now," said Reid.

He was joking (of course) with Angelo Cataldi and the 610-WIP Morning Team, but that humor surprised some Birds fans accustomed to curt and sometimes disguised answers from Reid during press conferences.

The humor remained throughout the nearly 30-minute interview, but so did Reid not really answering some questions.

The interview was a big deal because it was the first time that the Eagles coach sat down with any media (besides the Kool-Aid-drinking since Dawkins left the nest.

Reid explained why he had to make a decision that was best for the team no matter the player. The Eagles tried to put an offer together for Dawkins that was better than most other deals for a 35-year-old safety, according to Reid.

Denver blew the Birds out of the water so they had to let Dawkins walk, said Reid. The coach wanted a player but Reid the man couldn't blame B-Dawk for taking the better deal, Reid hinted.

But, as normal, Reid kept many football opinions close to the vest unless they sounded great for his guys.

The head Bird ate up the praise for his draft class especially fifth-round pick Cornelius Ingram. But, he avoided getting into many other opinions on personnel or trade rumors.

Listen to the entire interview for yourself to see what you think now that "Big Red" broke his silence.

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