Eagles “Curious” About Randy Moss: Report

Randy Moss celebrated his 35th birthday Monday by possibly giving a gift to football fans.

"Your boy is going to come back and play some football," the once wide receiver said.

Moss retired last season after a seeming lack of interest in his services by teams he actually wanted to play for (The Patriots).

Moss, a surefire future Hall Famer who caught 954 balls for 153 touchdowns and 14,858 yards in 13 seasons, wants to resurrect his NFL career and he might want to do it in Philly.

Per Yahoo Sports!:

In addition, according to a source close to Moss, the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Jets are at least curious and the San Francisco 49ers could look to fill a hole if they let go of Josh Morgan in free agency. A source with one of those teams conveyed via text it would be “intriguing” to see what Moss has left in the tank after a year away from the game.

No clue if that “intrigued” team is the Eagles.

With DeSean Jackson likely headed towards a franchise tag and possible trade and with Plaxico Burress supposedly lobbying for a job with the Birds, Moss is just the latest big name receiver to seemingly be a possible target for Michael Vick next season.

It’s anyone’s guess who winds up in Eagles green next season but if I had to bet I would put my money on Plaxico lining up next to Jeremy Maclin ahead of either DeSean of Moss.

Moss fizzled out big time in his post Pats stints with Minnesota and Tennessee, so it’s fair to assume that he might just be done. While DeSean’s holdout and at times tumultuous year (being inactivated after being late for a team meeting) in Philly could have burned any bridges towards him and the Eagles reaching a long-term deal.

That leaves us with Plaxico, who Howard Eskin reports is definitely interested in coming to Philly, as a possible receiver here in Philly.

But with a deep class of free-agent wideouts including studs like Vincent Jackson, Wes Welker, Reggie Wayne and DeWayne Bowe on the market, the Eagles could another direction entirely.

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