Rally Towel Craziness at CBP

A reporter plays the part of the phan

"One more win! One more win!" The chants echoed through CBP and all the way onto the Broad Street Line into the early hours of Monday morning.

"One more win! One more win!" After Game 4 of the 2008 World Series I found myself grinning, enveloped in a sea of frenzied chanting.

Sunday night I headed to the Phillies/Rays game with my fiance and his mother -- as a phan.

There is just something about sitting in the stands, feeling that Philly flavor. What better reminder of why I love what I do for a living?

You know what I kept coming back to, the image that really stuck in my mind? The rally towels. What is it about those rally towels?

The rally towels: From the pre-game festivities to the first pitch to the final out, there is just something about those towels.

I found myself looking around the stadium in awe, trying to memorize the moment, the feeling, the thrill 46,000-plus people can create at a baseball game.

As I sat in the stands, I kept looking around at the people as well. Everyone, except the select and not-so-welcomed few in Rays gear, decked out in Phillies red:

  • There were the children with their faces painted -- their mothers and fathers watching them as much as they watched the game.
  • There were the young phans, who have never witnessed a Phillies championship.
  • There were the older Phightin phaithful who have been waiting to watch another championship for almost three decades.

If you looked around the ballpark there was someone representing every walk of life it seemed and everyone shared a common goal: cheer on the home team, witness a win that culminates in history and wave that rally towel.

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