Video: Palin meets boos, cheers and deafening music in Philly

The Philadelphia Flyers fans greet Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on opening night against the New York Rangers. And the Wachovia Center speaker system has the final say:

Metallica just politely asked to turn the volume down on that music. (UPDATE 8:30 p.m. EDT: The sound quality of the original video was a little poor, so we swapped it out for a newer one -- the boos are a tad more prominent than before. Check out the original YouTube here.)

Behind the music, you'll have heard a mix of cheers and boos; and as predicted, the lower bowl near the glass was in a standing ovation. (Except for whoever was holding up that Obama/Biden sign. Viral!) In the end, the boos won out because this is, after all, Philadelphia. But it wasn't the vicious hellfire that some predicted. No one threw a beer at her. Probably because they didn't want to hit her daughter. Or waste the beer.

One point of criticism that may cut across party lines: The most famous hockey mom in American doesn't come out in a jersey? C'mon now.

More reaction from The 700 Level, which participated in our predication/analysis roundtable on the Flyers' invitation to Palin.

For the record, the Rangers announcers earlier claimed that Philadelphia fans once "snowballed Santa Claus" at an Eagles game.

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