Is Philadelphia ready for the Ray Emery era to begin?

Look, we're all for Ray Emery returning to the NHL, for the sake of our goalie fight and minority players getting harassed by cops for driving slick rides coverage.

So we were happy to see Tim Panaccio reporting this afternoon that Ray-Ray may be returning from a season of KHL exile to become the starting goaltender for the Philadelphia Flyers.

(Despite multiple sources confirming the free-agent deal, Flyers GM Paul Holmgren told the Philadelphia Inquirer: "We are having internal discussions on a lot of things ... Ray Emery is one of them. I'm not going to comment on our internal discussions.")

So what do Philly fans think of the potential signing? The 700 Level has an interesting debate ongoing, with Matt P. going to bat for the former Ottawa Senators netminder:

Maybe Emery's sabbatical in Russia was the wakeup call he needed to show him that his stardom and success could end at a moment's notice. Let's hope so. This is a significant gamble for the Flyers to take, but realistically, the acquisition of just about any keeper is. The majority are unpredictable, volatile, and streaky. At least we know that Emery has solid skills, and likely an abundance of motivation to prove himself.

Bangin' Panger takes a slightly, uh, more cynical look at relationship. We're a little put-off by the notion that Emery's being signed as a starter, as Panaccio reports. Sure, the Flyers are a better team if they dump the two-headed mouse that's been their goaltending for god-knows how long; but is Ray Emery really the first name to come to mind when thinking about stability? Especially if you're trying to hand him a hat?

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