Fight video: Cote, Godard and a fight of the year candidate

This Riley Cote/Eric Godard fight from last night's Pittsburgh Penguins' 3-2 win over the Philadelphia Flyers was an important one, because there are going to be fewer Pens fans mournfully recalling the name Georges Laraque this season if Godard keeps dropping bombs like this:

And the reviews are pouring in for "Cote vs. Godard":

"A toe-to-toe battle that quickly became a surefire ‘Fight of the Year' candidate!" -

"A heavyweight battle, with both players landing and taking some major punches!" - Observer-Reporter

"A wild first-period draw last night!" - Philadelphia Inquirer

"Delgado (voiced by Andy Garcia), a reluctantly heroic German Shepherd, definitely deserves a movie of his own! Eat your heart out, Rin Tin Tin!" -- Betty Jo Tucker, Reel Talk Movies ... oh, wait, that's a review for "Beverly Hills Chihuahua." Shoot.

In a related note, good to see the boys at The Pensblog bring their A-game in the postgame wrap-up. ("We're we gonna finally see a shootout this year? The Pens have been putting in more overtime than Oprah's fork.") Although with Danny Briere playing in integral part on the Puck Daddy fantasy hockey team, this Pensblog image made us cry a little inside.

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