Philadelphia Police: DeSean Jackson Didn't Lie About Stolen Cash

Police calling a $180,000 discrepancy a mistake

Confusion over the amount of money apparently stolen from inside the home of former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson has prompted Philadelphia Police to say the man did nothing wrong.

The burglary took place sometime between Jan. 6 and 10 at Jackson’s home along the 3200 block of Pietro Way in South Philadelphia, Philadelphia Police said.

Officials originally told the media that $200,000 in cash had been stolen from a safe inside the home along with a $125,000 Rolex watch and $700 Ruger revolver.

However, Philadelphia Police Lt. John Stanford said that initial report was an estimate based on an interview with Jackson’s mother, Gayle, who said her son normally keeps around $200,000 in the safe. When detectives spoke with the 27-year-old several days later, Jackson said there was only $20,000 in cash inside.

Stanford said the updated information never made its way from investigators to the Office of Public Affairs, where official information is disseminated to the media and citizens, and discrepancies between reported amounts began to raise questions about whether Jackson gave a false report.

“No one misled us and no one lied to us about what was taken,” Stanford told on Friday night. He added that it was a “genuine mistake.”

Jackson, a three-time Pro Bowler, was released by the Eagles on Friday afternoon. The wide receiver also spent the day denying reports that he had ties to a Los Angeles gang.

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