Place Your Bets! Bodog Puts Odds On Vick's Next Dog

So Mike Vick told website

that he would like to own a dog again one day. Vick, as you may know, is forbidden by law from owning a dog for the next year and a half. But after that, assuming the quarterback doesn’t do anything dumb (never a safe bet), he’ll be free to purchase the canine of his choice, much to the chagrin of animal rights supporters. Vick, for his part, seems quite genuine in his desire to make up for his misdeeds:

"I think it would be a big step for me in the rehabilitation process," he said.

So he’s probably going to go through with the purchase. The question is, what kind of dog will Vick buy? Well, fear not. Sports Illustrated’s Jimmy Traina found out that online gambling site Bodog (aptly named, no?) has already placed odds on which breed Vick might choose:

No joke. is offering odds on what dog Michael Vick will get. Pit Bull 1/1; Bulldog 2/1; Labrador 5/1; Golden Retriever 6/1

Chihuahua is the longshot at 30/1. This was not a joke.

Ethics aside, these odds are all wrong. The pit bulls odds are insanely low. It’s virtual certainty Vick won’t be buying a pit bull or a Rottweiler. That would be like asking Charlie Sheen to run a head shop. The Chihuahua is a much better bet. And the site doesn’t even list the most likely candidate of all: a mixed breed from an animal shelter. I give the mutt 1/3 odds. It’s the right PR move. And don’t forget about Corgis! Vick is NFL royalty now! Gotta have yourself a Corgi when you’re royalty.

Also in contention: poodles. If Vick is smart, he’ll find the least fierce dog imaginable, like a giant white poodle with shaved poofs all over. Then he should name it something very light and girly, like Miss Precious. A dog that has no chance of ever tangling with another dog, ever. That’s my stance. I’d even be willing to lay a sawbuck down on it.

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