Pirates Fans Ready to Welcome the Phillies With Open Fists

While you Phillies fans exult in your stellar rotation and your status as the team with the most wins in Major League Baseball, there is a different story unfolding on the other side of the state, where the Pittsburgh Pirates are currently 26-29, and that represents a shockingly decent showing for the Bucs. Worst of all, it was revealed last year in the team’s balance sheets that the Pirates make an awful lot of money for themselves by fielding a lousy team. You would have thought the Pirates would be mildly improved after opening PNC Park in 2001, but instead the team decided to keep all the money from the stadium for themselves and spend pretty much none of it on players.

As a result, the Pirates have had 18 consecutive losing seasons. They’re right down there with Kansas City and Baltimore and rest for the honor of being baseball’s worst franchise. And with the Series-favorite Phillies coming to town, Pirates fans aren’t exactly withholding their bitterness. They’d like to remind you that the Pirates currently field a better Team ERA than the Phillies (its true!). And the fine folks at Rumbunter took the time out before the teams’ matchup to remind Philly fans that they think their hometown smells like… well, I can’t mention it here. This is a family website, you know. (They say it smells like old prostitutes!)

Anyway, as the Phillies go into this series with the Pirates, do take a brief moment to consider what you have. Sure, right field is an issue, but the woes of the Phillies are fairly minimal compared to the carefully orchestrated suffering Pirates fans endure season after season. Give them their bitterness. Let them have their anger. It’s all that’s really keeping them going these days.

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