Picking the World Series, the Edge Goes to the Rays

Phils will be playing the role of underdog in the Fall Classic

The experts and Vegas have weighed in and sorry Philadelphia-faithful the Phils are the underdog in the World Series.

The margin between picking the Rays over the Phils could partly be driven by Vegas where the Rays are a slight favorite to win it all

At ESPN.com the experts are mixed eight for the Rays to five for the Phillies. The only thing they seem to agree on (10 out of 13 experts) is that the Series will go (six or seven games) long.

The experts at the Sports Illustrated Web site are singing a similar tune as those at ESPN with a five to four split decision picking the Rays. All nine experts expect a competitive series of six or seven games.

Back here at home the tune seems to be different with the Daily News folks picking the Phillies by a slight margin.

The worst news for Phillies fans is that ESPN simulations heavily favor the Rays to win in part because of the Phillies having to use a designated hitter at the Trop.

Any way it shakes out it seems most experts expect a competitive and long series.

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