Philly's Golden Couple on E!

The Hamels' are hitting the small screen

Cole Hamels and wife Heidi Strobel are really livin' the dream and they've got their own episode of "E! True Hollywood Story" to prove it. 

The 25-year old Phillies pitcher has already won a World Series, makes millions, has two homes, one in West Chester and one in the ultra-swanky Two Liberty Place and a happy marriage to "Survivor" alum Heidi Strobel.

Oh, and the couple are looking to adopt a child from Ethiopia, not to mention they've started the Hamels Foundation to raise AIDS awareness in Malawi. They even plan on building a school.

Wow, almost makes you sick. But they're actually really sweet (and humble).

"We're not just doing it because it's the Brad and Angelina plan, but because we're in the position to do it and it's the right thing to do," Heidi told Sports Illustrated.

Maybe it's their too-good-to-be-true lives or the fact that they want to help the less fortunate, but whatever it is, their star is rising.

And E! Entertainment Television definitely took notice.

In fact, "E! True Hollywood Story" is featuring Philly's golden couple on an episode that focuses on the private life of public figures. The episode will be developed as "a day in the life."

Crews followed the Hamels' into Marathon Grill at 16th and Sansom last week.

Shooting will resume next month, but there's no word on when the episode will air.

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