Chester County's Phillip Dutton, Team USA's Oldest Olympian, Rides Into Rio

The oldest United States Olympian will be riding into Rio on a horse and calls Chester County, Pennsylvania home.

Phillip Dutton turns 53 next month but that hasn’t stopped the equestrian from making his way to Rio. [[143564576, C]]

So what sport can a soon-to-be 53-year-old able to keep up with competition less than half his age? Eventing, also known as "equestrian triathlon," features dressage, endurance and show jumping requirements in which the rider and horse must go through a series of obstacles and movements, according to the United States Eventing Association.

Basically, in eventing, you don’t need to run faster or be quicker, you need to show control of your horse instead.

A native of Australia, Dutton won two golds in Team Eventing in the 1996 and 200 Olympics. He would represent Australia again in 2004 before joining Team USA in 2008 and 2012 after becoming a United States citizen in 2006. [[388950021, C]]

Dutton, who is just two months older than fellow equestrian Olympian Beezie Madden, manages and trains out of True Prospect Farm in West Grove, Pennsylvania. He will ride Mighty Nice in Rio.

And, he isn’t the only horseback-riding Olympian, originally from Australia, representing the United States in Rio as fellow equestrian Boy Martin is also a member of the team.

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