Phillies Phans Camp Out for Tickets That Might Not Exist

It could be the saddest thing you've ever seen -- grown men and women completely clad in red and white curled up in their sleeping bags, laying on the cold concrete waiting in a long line to get tickets that probably don't exist.
Sure the ticket window says "no tickets available" for game 5 of the World Series, but apparently, there was a late release of a couple hundred tickets for game 4. So on this day, the day the Phillies could possibly break the 25 year no-championship curse, these fans are willing to lay on the cement in the chilly wind until they either get, or more likely, don't get tickets for the game.
Worse yet, some of these desperate fans brought their kids.

You do have to hope, the Phils find some way to squeeze these dedicated phans into the building. After all, they have more than shown their love for the team.

On this cold night, maybe Greg Luzinski would appreciate another warm body in his little Bull's Barbecue hut there in right-center field. Who knows?
Sean Kelley doesn't have a ticket problem tonight. He won tickets through the Phillies' Web lottery. He picked up his tickets today.

Kelly could certainly sell them for a huge profit, but he says he wouldn't miss the last pitch of tonight's game even for a million bucks.
If I had a million bucks, I'd try my luck with him. Like the folks in line, I don't have tickets either and press passes aren't exactly growing on trees.

Tonight it's me, the wife, and my Samsung.
At least the beer is cheap at home.

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