The Phillie Phanatic Is Better Than Mr. Met.

It's not even close.

Last night, video circulated of the New York Mets mascot giving the middle finger to a fan. You know who wouldn't do that? The Phillie Phanatic.

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The Phanatic is the best mascot in baseball.

Sports Illustrated agrees.

He tops the charts in this Bleacher Report ranking.

Guess who FOX Sports has at No. 1?

He's the best mascot ever.

He went to jury duty to make the day better for these Philadelphians.

He befriended an Ewok on Star Wars Night.

He welcomes back former Phillies greats with a hug.

He handles babies with great care.

He looks great in a swimsuit.

He has great manners.

Late night hosts attempt to recreate him.

Other late night shows are obsessed with him.

He got into the Pokemon Go craze.

…and he took all these great photos with his fans.

With the video of Mr. Met, today felt like a good day to talk about the best mascot in baseball. The Phillie Phanatic.

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