Ryan Howard in a Braves Gear Makes Us Sad

Alan Rangel is a pitcher in the Atlanta Braves organization. We were previously unaware of who he was until he tweeted a photo of himself alongside Phillies legend Ryan Howard.

The thing is, The Big Piece is rocking Braves gear.


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That said, I'm happy for Howard to continue his career and maybe get a shot at another championship (if he gets red hot and eventually traded from the Braves to a contender this summer).

But seeing Howard in another uniform is similar to seeing Chase Utley in a Dodgers uniform for the first time. Or Jimmy Rollins. Or Carlos Ruiz. It just makes us kind of sad.

Howard inked a minor-league deal with the Braves last week. Some wondered whether RyHo would ever get a chance, but as Corey Seidman pointed out, "Howard was one of 111 major-leaguers who hit 20 or more home runs last season. Other than David Ortiz, who retired, Howard was the only one of those players not on a major-league roster."

Personally, after the shock of seeing Howard in a Braves' uni wears off, I wouldn't mind seeing him in a game at Citizens Bank Park this summer. I'd give him a nice ovation for all of those years of service.

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