Phillies Want You to Put Peter Bourjos in the All-Star Game

Naturally, teams want to show they support all of their players, from the superstars to the last guy on the bench, so a gentle reminder from the Phillies that All-Star voting is underway and even throwing out a few names makes sense.

#VoteBourjos, on the other hand, is wading into the absurd.

Actually, these days #VoteBigPiece isn't a whole heck of a lot better.

Nothing against Peter Bourjos, a gritty outfielder who, defends, hustles and leaves everything out on the diamond, but is a fringe Major Leaguer has a .198 average is and usually slotted behind the pitcher in the batting order. That is not #ASGWorthy, Phillies. Not worthy at all.

Ryan Howard we can at least partially understand, if only for nostalgia. This is looking like the guy's last season, at least with the Phillies. He's a three-time All-Star, a former Most Valuable Player and a World Series champion. He's a legend to this franchise, and surely still a fan favorite to more than a handful out there. He even has eight home runs in 2016. Maybe you want to give the guy his Kobe moment.

It may seem like a little harmless social-media fun to promote the guys and All-Star voting, but it's all fun and games until Peter Bourjos winds up in the Mid-Summer Classic.

Hey, the All-Star Game is supposed to be all about the players the fans want to see. So if you really want to see Peter Bourjos in San Diego this July, if that's like your thing, then go nuts.

Seriously, vote for Peter Bourjos. That would certainly be entertaining.

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