Phillies Using Pokemon Lures to Promote Ticket Sales

Come for the Pokemon, stay for the baseball.

The Philadelphia Phillies announced a special buy-one-get-one ticket deal for tonight and tomorrow's games against the Miami Marlins. The hook? They're promoting the Pokemon stops within Citizens Bank Park and the fact that they'll all have "lures" active for both games.

What, the Goeddel-Bourjos-Paredes starting outfield isn't enough to lure you? Although a Paredes does sound like a Pokemon character.

We asked our IT guy what a "lure" was and it's apparently some sort of bait that makes it easier to catch Pokemon.

That didn't seem to help the Phanatic last night in his attempt to catch a Pikachu. I'm still not sure how he works an iPad with those big furry paws.

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