Phillies Legend Larry Bowa Responds to Chris Christie Blow With an Invitation

Chris Christie went low on Phillies fans when he ripped into our city and our ball park the other night. In something of a disappointment, Phillies legend Larry Bowa mostly went high when he responded to Christie's comments on Friday down in Clearwater at the team's spring training complex.

"If Chris Christie wants to come down here and take some ground balls, I'll be glad to hit him some," Bowa told CSNPhilly's John Clark. "He needs a lot of work."

Bowa, now a Phillies bench coach, was known for never sugar coating things as a player and manager. So we're a little bummed he didn't swing back a little harder.

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I guess we'll have to rely on the Phillies Twitter from now on when it comes to good digs.

Bowa also commented on the minor outrage over the Tug McGraw painting down at the Phillies Clearwater complex.

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