Phillies Have Awesome Phanatic Star Wars-themed Bobblehead

It's the 4th of May. Just like any other day, you may say.

Wrong, you would be.

At some point in recent history, May the 4th became associated with the movie Star Wars. Because "May the 4th" kinda-sorta sounds like "May the force" be with you. Get it!?

It's fine, whatever. Little kids and stunted adults can make up a reason to talk about a thing they really, really like with the rest of the world (I wore my Star Wars socks today, so include me in this group).

Perhaps the most unfortunate thing about #StarWarsDay is the need for every organization with a social media account feeling obligated to jump on the speeder bike-wagon and get some Star Wars-y content into the world.

Like everything in sports, some teams are better than others.

The Sixers, for instance, Photoshopped their players' faces onto characters from the movie, in the process making Jahlil Okafor look like a traitor.

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The Eagles made the mistake of Photoshopping a winged bird holding a lightsaber. Very unsafe.

And the Flyers went generic:

I don't even know what the Union were going for, to be honest:

Then there are the Phillies, a team not known for its social media savvy in the past but which have been steadily improving. And they have the Phillie Phanatic which is like always walking around with a lightsaber in your pocket.

They had the gumption to prepare ahead of time and have a Jedi Phanatic bobblehead ready to unveil. Sure, you can't get it until later this summer, but that's a pretty strong bobblehead.

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