Max Scherzer Had Some Fun Booing Phillies Fans After They Booed Jayson Werth

It feels like every other season we have to go on record saying that we don't really understand the whole booing Jayson Werth thing. The guy took a fantastic deal with a rival when the Phillies weren't going to pay him anything close to what he got.

It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Now, that said, when he actually does something to hurt the Phillies like he did on Sunday (and pretty much any time he faces the Phils), then boo away. Boo all you want.

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It feels good to boo.

Max Scherzer appears to have learned as much.

The Washington Nationals' ace looked like he was having fun mocking Phillies fans for booing Werth. He booed right back.

Werth had a beast of a day in the Nationals loss with 4 hits including a pair of homers.

The bearded one, for his part, seems to be enjoying his role as a Phillies killer.

"All I hear is cheers," Werth said after the Phils trumped his two-homer day in a 6-5, 10-inning win Sunday. "There's a lot of love going on out there."

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