Joey Votto Trolls Phillies Fans, Doesn't Care for Your Kids

Joey Votto - four-time National League All-Star, former NL MVP, career .300 hitter, expert fan troller, hater of Philadelphia-area children.

That's right, he doesn't like your kids.

OK, not really.

But still, the Reds' first baseman gave a tremendous interview after his team walked away with a 9-4 win over the Phillies on Sunday at Citizens Bank Park during a game in which he made a commotion when he faked tossing a ball into the stands and instead put it back in play, leaving a gaggle of once-excited fans emotionally scarred for the rest of eternity.

When replays of the hilarious, er, HORRIFYING incident played on the game telecast, social media exploded in outrage. If you really want to see, I encourage searching his name on the social medium of your choosing.

When asked about the outrage, Votto simply leaned into the nearest microphone and said "TOO BAD."

That was good, but it gets even better.

Votto said he was messing with an adult fan who wouldn't get off his back all afternoon. When asked about possibly leaving a kid disappointed, Votto struck back with this sarcastic gem: "I have no problem with the Philly fans, except the Philly fan kids. All the kids. I can't stand the kids here."

What a heel move. Fantastic. The whole interview can be seen above and I highly recommend checking it out.

But some people can't take a joke and want Votto banned from the city forever and sent back to his native Canada as if he were Justin Bieber in a personalized Phillies jersey with Mike Schmidt's No. 20 on it.
It was a joke, and a really good one at that. Calm down.

As Votto alluded to, adults ruin everything.

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