At the Yard Podcast: The Scoop on Phillies' Biggest Trades and Signings of Last Few Decades

On a special, Thanksgiving week edition of At the Yard, Jim Salisbury and Corey Seidman relive some of the Phillies' most memorable trades and signings, with key inside details from Jim.

These are not the most important trades and signings in Phillies history but rather the most interesting ones from the last few decades with first-hand accounts of what went into each trade and what resulted.

• The Scott Rolen trade created a huge baseball 'What If?'

Philadelphia Phillies

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Get a Look Inside Phillies Legend Cole Hamels' $2.5M Delco Mansion

The Origin Story Behind the Phillies' Straw Hat Home Run Celebration

• Big Freddy Garcia trade doomed from the start

• An incredibly unsung, underrated trade from the 2007-11 era

• The surreal four months with Pedro Martinez

• The night the Phillies signed Cliff Lee and broke Twitter for the first time

• Phillies finally make the trade for Roy Halladay

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