At The Yard: The Worst Sign From Bryce Harper's Extended Slump

On this edition of At The Yard, Corey Seidman and Ricky Bottalico express their biggest concerns over Bryce Harper's extended slump. 

Is Zach Efflin's good stretch sustainable? Why there is legitimate concern over Aaron Nola. A good start to Cole Irvin's big league career.

Also, Ricky shares some stories from his time in Milwaukee.

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0:30 - Bryce Harper is getting beat by fastballs and that's a bad sign.
5:30 - Should Harper get a day off? Does that matter for a slumping player?
9:00 - Offense has been sputtering.
13:00 - Zach Efflin's run sustainable? Reasons for concern with Aaron Nola. 
18:00 - Will Vince Velasquez get back into the rotation?
21:00 - Ricky's stories from his days in Milwaukee.

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