Phillies TV Ratings Through the Roof

Three games in and this 2011 Phillies outfit is already breaking records. The Inquirer notes that Sunday’s game had the highest local rating ever for Channel 17:

In Nielsen ratings, the opener averaged a 9.9 household rating for three hours - up 43 percent from last year.

Sunday's game averaged a 14.8 household rating, the highest Phillies rating ever on PHL17. One household rating point equals 30,158 homes in the Philadelphia area.

In household shares for Sunday's game, PHL17 had a 32.4 share average for the broadcast, topping the previous record by 7.5 share points, a 32 percent increase.

That’s nearly half a million people tuning in to watch baseball in April. And it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Phillies had a similar effect on ratings and attendance in their opponent’s TV markets.

This is all starting to take on the air of the ’96 Bulls, who became a traveling carnival on their way to 72 wins and the NBA title.

This Phillies team has that same kind of rock star feel to it. They have a once-in-a-lifetime rotation, and they don’t inspire anywhere near as much hatred as the Yankees or Red Sox do. If they pace themselves for 110 wins or some other outlandish total, you’ll start seeing casual fans come out of the woodwork everywhere to see them in person. And not only will that serve to benefit you, the Phillies fan, but it could end up lifting the entire sport. The sport needs a superstar team, one that doesn’t have an NY stitched on its uniform.

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