Phillies–Powerless Pitching, First Place Hitting

Early in the season the Phillies appeared hungover from a celebratory winter. We had our doubts about the team. 

But, now May’s here and so are last year’s champs. The Phils are ranked first in the National League East thanks to their power hitting. 

However, there’s a pattern of bad pitching on the mound. On Tuesday night, Opening-Day starter Brett Myers struggled big time, but despite two homers and five runs after nine hits, he somehow managed a win against the Cardinals.  

The final score was 10-7, but this seemingly constant bombardment of runs against the Phils, regardless of their first place standing, is a problem.

“We can’t keep giving up five, six, seven, eight, nine runs,” said manager Charlie Manuel.

In fact, Philly fans were disgusted by 46 home run balls in just 24 games.

Fortunately for these pitchers when they walk off the field an awesome offense steps up to the plate.

Shane Victorino showed us what he was made of on Tuesday night. The Flying Hawaiian unleashed a barrage of hits including two singles, a double and a solo shot. 

Victorino is batting .308 in early May after a 14-game hitting streaking.

We also gotta give props to Jayson Werth for the 414-foot homer he rocked into the left-field upper deck. 

So the question remains, if the Phils can’t get their pitching together, can we hold onto our first place status even with a kick-ass offense?

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