Phillies Parade Cost a Pretty Penny

Phillies Parade cost taxpayers more than $1 million

Taxpayers dished out more than $1 million for the Phillies parade party on October 31.
The cost for police overtime alone topped $1 million. Add another $55,000 for the Streets Department. But wait, there's more! Public Property and Recreation Department costs, emergency medical services, recycling and licenses and inspections all came close to $30,000, according to Doug Oliver, Press Secretary for Mayor Michael Nutter.
But, (take a deep breath in) the cash and cost involved in the whole shabang all evened out in the end (and let it out), Oliver added.

The City of Philadelphia banked $1.5 million for the World Series, including the percentage charged for the tickets and wage taxes for the Phillies players during home games.
Not to mention, $298,000 that was donated. Plus wage taxes for longer hours worked by employees in the city because of the World Series games, both of which wasn’t included in the original $1.5 million figure above, Oliver went on further. 
Beginning January 1, parade sponsors will be charged for costs, Michael Nutter announced last week.

Bottom line by Doug Oliver: The City of Philadelphia threw the party and the City of Philadelphia (A.K.A "taxpayers") picked up the tab.

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