Phillies Bring the 80s Back

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Even though it might be hot as “Panama” outside, fans will “Jump” down to Citizens Bank Park Friday night as the Phillies look to continue making their home park a “House of Pain” for opponents.

That’s right, it’s 1980s night down in South Philly Friday as the Phils and Padres don 1984 uniforms and play plenty of Van Halen music as they open a four-game series.

The Phils are encouraging fans to turn back the clock and dust off the old maroons or your best David Lee Roth get up:

The Phils will be wearing retro 1984 uniforms with burgundy pinstripes and caps and the Padres will be sporting their brown and yellow duds. Celebrate the 80s at the ballpark -- come dressed in your best 80s gear for plenty of totally awesome surprises.

The event will also feature break dancers, 80s movie clips and a press game dance party on the Budweiser Rooftop -- it won't however feature 80s-priced beer.

I love me a good throwback night and have been begging the Phils to kick it old school at CBP -- this will be the first time, according to Uni-Watch -- but they missed the boat with this one for a few reasons.

While the Padres wear one of the hideously glorious uniforms of all time -- the brown, orange and yellow jerseys that Tony Gwynn and company rocked while the Phillies will be wearing the maroonish-pinstriped white jerseys, not the beautiful baby blues they wore on the road in the 80s.

Plus the Phillies aren’t even wearing the zipper-up jerseys they wore until 1987, said Uni-Watch.

And, while this is still a great opportunity for the Phillies to sell a little extra gear to get more money to spend at the trade deadline -- hopefully they will use that money for a bat or reliever -- I question why the Phillies chose to wear 1984 unis instead of 1983 garb. In ’83 the Phightins rode the Wheeze Kids all the way to the World Series (where they lost to the Orioles) but in ’84 the Phillies began a slide into mediocrity (and worse) that would last all but one season for the next 20-plus seasons. In the meantime, in ’84 the Pads went all the way to Game 6 of the World Series where they lost to the Tigers.

But with or without a good reason fans should head down to hot and sticky CBP Friday night ready to appreciate the Phanatic wearing hot pants (just a guess) and maybe jamming out to some Prince, Duran Duran, Michael Jackson and the aforementioned Van Halen.

And even if paying homage to old school unis isn’t your cup of tea, there is still plenty to look for this weekend at the ballpark like scouting possible trade targets Heath Bell and Mike Adams. The Padres duo of relievers could be on the block and Phillies fans would likely love to see either one in red pinstripes real soon.

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