Late Nights for the Phillies

A lot of Phillies fans might notice something around 7 p.m. Thursday night -- their tradition of flipping on the Phillies broadcast on the TV or radio just won’t work.

That’s because there is no Phillies game at 7 Thursday night or Friday or Saturday for that matter.

The Phillies are out west facing the Padres at PETCO Park in San Diego this weekend and that means late nights for Phillies faithful trying to watch every pitch.

For most fans with day jobs this means falling asleep with the Phils game on the tube Thursday and possibly catching the game out of the corner of their eyes while out late Friday night with 10:05 EST starts.

At least Saturday night the game starts at a more manageable 8:35 EST and on Sunday fans can check out the Phils game at 4:05 EST after Easter services and before dinner.

But for fans like me working the night shift, a late night of Phillies watching is divine. I love being able to see live baseball action that I care about (a.k.a. not the Dodgers, Athletics or Angels).

Even better the Phillies only start 25 minutes earlier Monday and Tuesday night out in Arizona.

So for those of you out there who aren’t night owls, sorry, but the next week of Phillies action is for guys like me to enjoy.

Oh, maybe the Phightins can even win one in extras. Perfect!

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