Phillies Fans Harass Giants Manager About All-Star Overuse

If you recall, Roy Halladay pitched two full innings for the National League in the All-Star Game earlier this month. And then, mere days later, Halladay succumbed to the heat out in Chicago. COINCIDENCE?! A couple of Phillies fans don’t think so, which is why they took it upon themselves to yell at Giants manager Bruce Bochy for what they perceived as overuse of Halladay and Cliff Lee (1 2/3 innings) during the Midsummer Classic:

Said Bochy on Tuesday, "I was leaving the hotel and a couple of guys [yelled], 'Why did you pitch our guys?'"…

"Very surprised," Bochy said of the complaints. "I would think they'd want to see their pitchers out there. Like I had this hidden agenda or conspiracy going. That wasn't the case at all."

OK, first of all, you should NEVER be surprised when Phillies fans yell at you, for any reason. Even if you aren’t Bruce Bochy. Even if you’re in Hawaii ordering a pickle sandwich, don’t be shocked if two Phillies fans start yelling at you for taking too long. That’s what Philly fans do. They yell. A lot. They’re really good at it.

Secondly, no reasonable fan wants to see their workhorse pitchers go to waste during a stupid All-Star Game, ever. Only kids are thrilled by that idea, because kids are dumb. Real fans don’t want guys like Halladay anywhere NEAR a pointless exhibition with little to no upside in it. They want that man encased in Lucite any time he is NOT pitching for their team, and rightfully so.

And the questioning of the use of the Phillies duo are even more pressing considering Bochy didn't use any of his three starting pitchers (Tim Lincecum, Ryan Vogelsong, Matt Cain) in the game.

I’m always shocked by athletes and coaches who are taken aback by fan vitriol. Are you new here? Were you ever a fan as a child? Fans are CRAZY. They completely abandon any sense of normalcy and decorum when it comes to matters concerning their favorite team. That’s WHY you become a fan, so you can be a little bit nutty about something. So for Bochy to be surprised that Phillies fans would give him crap for that is either naïve or disingenuous. Maybe he isn’t that surprised. Maybe he knew all along that his EVIL AND VILE PLAN TO RUIN THE PHILLIES PITCHING STAFF WOULD BE SNIFFED OUT.

We’re onto you, Bochy. You can’t fool us.

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