Phillies Finally Get ESPN “Power” Love

It only took four weeks but has finally figure out what all of us Phillies fans already knew...

The Phightins are No. 1!

Not only in our hearts but also on the MLB Power Rankings.

“Riding a five game winning streak and sporting the best record (15-6) in the major leagues, the Philadelphia Phillies are the No. 1 team in Week 4 of the MLB Power Rankings.”

The Week 4 edition of the mostly inconsequential list finally has the Phillies at the top with former No. 1’s like the Yankees, Rockies and Rangers trailing behind. The surprising Marlins round up the Top 5.

The Phillies might not be able to score many runs but with R2C2 Plus Joe taking the hill the offense can get away with two- and three-run performances.

Yes, it’s a long season but after seeing hose the Phillies for a few weeks I’ll consider this to be some April rendition for the NL East leaders.

And just for good measure the Phils also now sit atop's list of the top team's of the week.

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